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Do FAFSA changes affect prospective students?

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The Department of Education has revamped the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) with its FAFSA Simplification Act.  Enacted in 2020 and taking effect from the 2024-25 award year, the Act promises a more streamlined financial aid application process for students and families. While some initial delays are anticipated, the overall aim is to create a smoother experience.

The revamped FAFSA system boasts fewer questions and introduces the 'Student Aid Index,' replacing the Expected Family Contribution. Additionally, the Student Aid Report now serves as the "FAFSA Submission Summary," influencing the determination of state and institutional financial aid. Despite these substantial changes, the overarching goal is to benefit everyone involved by addressing long-term needs, and acknowledging that short-term inconveniences may arise.

Although the modifications may result in later offer letters for students, the timing of fund disbursement remains unaffected, ensuring that financial support reaches recipients in a timely manner.

What does this mean to those applying at the UT School of Public Health San Antonio?

We advise prospective students to apply to the school as soon as they can and include "The University of Texas School of Public Health San Antonio" as a school they plan to apply to. Students can file the FAFSA before applying, but schools generally will not send an award offer until they have been admitted. The priority deadline in Texas to fill out the FAFSA is March 15.

In the long run, these improvements should make state, federal and institutional financial aid more accessible to students. 

As a reminder, the deadline for applications to the School of Public Health for its inaugural class is June 1.


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Fill out the FAFSA form at the Federal Student Aid website.

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