Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


Candidacy Ceremony smiling students

Translational Science is an emerging academic and scientific discipline which translates scientific discoveries into real-world applications to improve human health.  Translational scientists conduct  rigorous studies at different levels of the research process, including basic, pre-clinical, clinical, and community levels.  

Key elements in the translational science process are:

  1. Applying scientific discoveries in the lab or at the bedside in ways that are more efficient and effective 
  2. Shortening the time between scientific discovery and application. 

In line with a field of science that emphasizes multi-disciplinary, collaborative research, the doctoral program in Translational Science is offered as a multi-institutional joint degree program. The four University of Texas System universities partnering in this effort are:

Joint Degree Institutions:

Collaborating Institution:

This collaboration of four universities to offer a single joint doctoral degree is unique in the UT System. The program is designed to use the existing resources and expertise in specific key areas of each university to offer a strong, diverse, and competitive doctoral program. The TS Ph.D. will prepare the next generation of scientists to lead the multi-disciplinary biomedical research teams of the future in increasingly complex research environments. These scientists will advance knowledge toward the goal of translating scientific discoveries into strategies that will improve healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and community health. 

To learn more about the program, watch this video of one of our students: