Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

BME Career Paths and Marketable Skills

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is proud to partner with the Texas Higher Education Board in helping students develop and build on skills employers value and seek out in job candidates.

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Marketable Skills:

1. Employ Effective and Independent Work Habits
2. Skilled in Utilizing Effective Oral and Written Communication
3. Ability to Critically Think, Analyze and Problem Solve
4. Can Identify and Evaluate Scientific Literature and Relevant Databases to Support Theories/Applications
5. Competent in Defending Particular Interpretations and Conclusions of Data

Career Paths:

The program is designed to build on the scientific interactions and cooperation between the biomedical engineering and clinical scientists of the UT Health San Antonio and the engineering and basic science faculty at the UTSA. It is felt that this distinctive type of research environment will offer the students maximum opportunity to develop into well-rounded, competitive biomedical engineering professionals. Because engineers, basic scientists and clinicians will participate in the education and training of each student, the new graduates from this program will be uniquely trained in the fundamental sciences and engineering related to medicine.