Office of the Vice President for Research

Getting Started with iLab

iLab Solutions Software Implemented at UT Health San Antonio Cores

The iLab software provides a unified interface for core facility request management, equipment reservations, project tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting.

Features and benefits of the new system include:

  • Researchers and PIs can monitor job status and billing information
  • Tools for direct communication and document sharing with the core
  • Improved financial controls
  • Streamlined reporting and increased transparency into core usage
  • Improved awareness of available services across the UT System
  • Departmental administrators can pull financial statements directly from the system.

This project was initiated by the Texas Regional CTSA Consortium (TRCC) and is funded by UT System to help organize a UT System-wide core facilities network. Implementing this software is expected to improve investigators’ access to shared resources at UT Health San Antonio and other health science institutions participating in the UT network.

Key Information about Roles in the System

Clients and Personnel

All UT Health San Antonio personnel will register or log into the system using their UT Health San Antonio alias. (This is the person's email address alias that comes just before the or Most recent UT Health San Antonio clients of the core facilities are pre-registered.

External clients must register for an iLab account.

Log in or register

Private Investigator (PI)

The PI needs to take the first step by authorizing lab members and spending settings. The PI can designate a lab manager to perform these functions.

PI Training is available by video or manual:
Lab Manual and Helpful Document for PI

Core Management Training is available by video or manual:
Managing Core Manual

Lab ManagerThe lab manager can perform the same functions as the PI in iLab. The PI needs to designate who, if anyone, has lab manager status. Lab managers should take the PI training listed above.
ResearcherThe lab member can schedule equipment usage and request services once he or she is registered in iLab and authorized to use a PID in a laboratory
Department AdministratorThe department administrator can authorize use of PIDs owned by the department. The administrator can see financial reports for all labs in the department.