Nature Index

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of high-quality science journals.

  • The Nature Index provides a close to real-time proxy for high-quality research output and collaboration at the institutional, national, regional and global level.
  • Academic institutions, policy-makers, research analysts, commercial organizations and the wider scientific community use the Nature Index to identify trends in research output and collaboration. The Nature Index delivers a freely accessible and straightforward way to analyze output and collaboration in high-quality scientific research.
  • Selected by a panel of active scientists and reviewed on an ongoing basis, with the latest list of 82 journals in the Nature Index reflecting researchers’ preference for the highest quality and most selective journals across the natural sciences.

The Nature Index annual tables show calendar year performance and ranking positions for the world’s leading research institutions, plus data from previous calendar years to support analysis of trends over time. The data behind the annual tables is freely accessible, enabling users to examine patterns of publication and collaboration down to the article level where media impact is measured using Altmetric.