Sharing & Preservation

The Texas Data Repository is home to the UT Health San Antonio Dataverse Repository. The repository was established to help the university research community meet data sharing requirements, to facilitate data citation, and to promote collaboration and reproducibility. It is the preferred repository for generalist data and is available to any UT Health San Antonio researcher. The data repository is built on Harvard University's Dataverse Software, is hosted by the Texas Digital Library, and managed locally by the library. When a suitable discipline-specific repository cannot be found, data should be submitted to the UT Health San Antonio Dataverse Repository.


  • Provides persistent identifiers (DOIs)

  • Meets funding requirements for data sharing and archiving

  • Deposit data from any research discipline

  • Free to UT Health researchers

  • Open-access, increases scholarly impact

  • Support from your local library

Not appropriate for confidential or sensitive information.

Discipline-specific Repositories

Discipline-specific repositories accommodate the data needs of a specific research community. They often offer the specialist domain knowledge and the data management expertise needed to ensure data is properly preserved and used. Data should be submitted to discipline-specific, community-recognized repositories where possible. In addition, if your research funding agency requires you to  use a discipline-specific repository for data sharing you should follow that recommendation.

Open NIH-supported domain-specific repositories