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Women's Health Conference 2019

Thank you to our 2019 Speakers

A photo of Dr. King in his white coat smiling

Prescription Pain Pills: How they can help and how they can harm

A board-certified psychiatrist details a patient's risks and responsibilities when a doctor prescribes opioids to help with pain.
Dr. Van L. King


Dr. Michael J. Wargovich smiling in his white coat in the lab

Kitchen Cures: Spices that heal

Start cooking smarter tonight with cancer-preventative, cancer-inhibiting herbs, spices, wines and other anti-inflammatory ingredients.
Dr. Michael J. Wargovich
Cancer Prevention Researcher



We Make Lives Better

Five women share how a single appointment changed their life.

Dr. Agoston in her white coat standing in front of medical equipment.

Know your heart, know your future!

Understand how your blood pressure, cholesterol, genetics and other personal risk factors work together to determine your heart's future.
Dr. Ildiko Agoston


Dr. Osswald smiling in a photo wearing her white coat.

What’s that growing on my skin?

Professional examples and guidelines about which skin conditions are harmless, which spots you need to watch and when to go straight to the doctor.
Dr. Sandra Osswald


Dr. Sheperd wearing his white coat and smiling

What women want – from their bodies

A UT Health board-certified internist answers patients' most frequently asked questions and shares advice every woman needs in order to stay healthy.
Dr. Alexander Shepherd


Nurse Betsy holding a balloon for a demonstration.

Where's the nearest bathroom?

Expert advice on how to take charge of your overactive bladder, urinary incontinence and constipation including tips and tricks for strengthening your pelvic floor.
Betsy Nielsen Omeis, RN, BSN
Urology and Incontinence Expert