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What to expect before your surgery

We know that making the decision to have weight loss surgery might be one of the biggest choices you can make for your life and lifestyle. We want to provide you the most comprehensive information to help you with your decision. Here is what you should expect before and after surgery.

You will need to complete the following prior to surgery:

  • A physical exam
  • A nutritional evaluation with our registered dietitian
  • Medical diagnostic tests
  • Schedule visits with your primary care physician to make sure any chronic medical conditions you have been stabilized
  • Participate in one of our nutrition education seminars
  • Complete our education seminar to learn about the types of procedures available, what to expect before, during and after surgery and any risks or problems that may occur 
  • Complete a psychological evaluation

Your surgeon will recommend that you meet with a nutritionist prior to surgery to begin to modify your diet and add at least 30 minutes of walking exercise. Insurance companies require you to be on a diet and exercise program before they will approve surgery.

We recommend that you join our weight loss support group to get tips, advice, and encouragement as you prepare for this lifelong journey. Learn about our free surgical weight loss support group.

We also recommend that you stop smoking at least six months prior to your procedure and discontinue after. Smoking delays the healing process promotes infection and decreases your capacity for oxygen. If you need help quitting, UT Health offers smoking cessation classes.

To request an appointment with our team, or to make a referral to one of our physicians, please call 210-438-8446.

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