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The Spine Center at UT Health San Antonio offers multidisciplinary comprehensive spine care at one convenient location. Our network of orthopaedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, and physical therapists work together in an integrated setting to deliver seamless, high-quality care. That means more treatment options for you. We are now scheduling appointments and welcoming new patients.

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Understanding scoliosis

Understanding scoliosis: Read everything you need to know from our experts including causes, symptoms, treatments and more. Learn more about scoliosis.

Non-surgical treatment plans.

Our physiatrists are a team of problem solvers committed to designing comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plans that manage your condition and relieve pain. Non-surgical treatment plans.

Learn more about spinal stenosis

We know lower back pain can be debilitating. What is spinal stenosis? Causes, symptoms and treatments. Learn more about spinal stenosis.



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San Antonio, TX 78229-3931

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EOS Low Dose Imaging Setting New Standards in Spine

EOS machine

UT Health San Antonio is proud to be the only Spine Center in South Texas with an EOS machine, a state-of-the-art X-ray system that uses lower doses of radiation. Precise full-body images are captured in under 20 seconds for adults and 15 seconds for children. 

eos high-quality images

Our comprehensive evaluations begin with an EOS exam, which provides the spine team with high-quality images and accurate 3D measurements. The EOS platform adds value to each step of the patient care pathway, from diagnosis to long-term care.