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Post-Treatment Information: Botox Injections

What to expect after your Botox injection

After you receive your Botox shot, your voice will undergo a series of changes. These changes will likely proceed as follows:

  • No change will be noted in the voice for a few hours to a few days.
  • Weak, breathy voice will then occur and will last from a few days to a few weeks. The voice should be free of spasms and breaks, but will be quieter and softer. You may have trouble being heard by others during this time. Some of our patients have mild swallowing difficulties which are typically with thin liquids during this time.
  • After an approximate period of two to three weeks, the voice should improve to its optimal zone. This zone of “good voice” means it will be strong enough to be heard by others, but still be free of spasms.
  • A decline in the voice will eventually occur as the Botox wears off and the spasms and/or tightness begins to return. For some this takes a few weeks, while others will maintain good voice for a few months. When significant spasms have returned, consider calling 210-450-0719 to schedule another injection.

Instructions to follow if you have problems swallowing

Coughing and choking when eating or drinking are signs of difficulty swallowing that may occur for a short period of time after a Botox injection. If these occur, it is important that you use the following strategies:

  • Drink liquids that are thicker consistency such as smoothies, shakes or nectars. Thicker liquids will often not cause the same difficulty that thin liquids cause. You may thicken liquids like water by adding applesauce to them or using a commercial thickener like Thick-It, Thicken-up or SimplyThick.
  • Take very small sips of liquids, one sip at a time. No gulping. This can go a long way to helping you manage your swallowing difficulty. You will have to go slowly.
  • When you swallow liquids, consciously hold your breath before taking a sip, swallow, clear your throat and swallow again with a dry swallow.

Remember, if swallowing problems do occur, they should pass as your voice progresses from weak and breathy to normal. Thin liquids, such as water, tea or soft drinks may give you the most difficulty. Try thicker liquids instead like fruit juices, nectars or milkshakes and use the swallowing strategy listed above.
If you are not able to improve your swallowing with these strategies, call 210-450-9468 during business hours to discuss alternatives.

Leaving a voice sample

If this is your first injection or if you were instructed by Dr. Simpson to call in, please call 210-450-0719 and leave a voicemail message three weeks after the date of your injection. State your name and read the following paragraph:

The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colors. These take the shape of a long, round arch, with its path high above and its two ends apparently beyond the horizon.

Also, give your impressions about how your voice has improved or not improved, if that is the case, and your telephone number if you need Dr. Simpson to return your call.

Botox diary

Please bring this diary with you to your next appointment.