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Providing the community with rapid access to professional, reliable behavioral health care services. We offer quick appointments and provide evidence-based, modern medication and psychotherapy for our clients’ recovery and overall wellness.

UT Health San Antonio’s Behavioral Health NOW Program ensures all Bexar County residents have quick access to professional, uninterrupted behavioral health services.

This is accomplished through evidence-based, skills-focused treatment and close collaboration with our clients combined with our culture of championing the dignity, autonomy, and growth of our clients as they work toward their personal wellness goals.


We provide San Antonio with rapid appointments for professional, outpatient behavioral health services including psychiatric medication management, group counseling, individual counseling and care coordination.

For most individuals, behavioral health difficulties are sporadic or episodic, meaning they occur periodically over months and years. The Behavioral Health NOW Program accommodates this pattern by providing clients intensive services early in treatment and during periods of exacerbation, and then providing less-intensive services during periods of greater wellness.

Our program helps clients avoid disruptions in their lives and livelihoods with services that help prevent psychiatric hospitalizations and ultimately lead to a decreased need for services by equipping clients with the treatment, tools and techniques they can use to recognize and self-manage their symptoms.

The diminished need among longer-term clients creates capacity for our program to continue accepting new clients who need rapid, reliable, high-quality behavioral health services.

Clients who do require long-term, intensive services are linked by our care coordination team to a professional provider within the community who will provide longer-term, intensive care.

To schedule an appointment, send a client for referral or request more information call 210-450-7222, or email our program coordinator.