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Urinary Incontinence Treatment

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Urinary incontinence patient with doctor

The physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio offers men and women of all ages expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of various forms of incontinence. You can count on our physicians to bring the latest in treatment and care to you and your loved ones.

Urinary incontinence can take many different forms, from simple leakage to the inability to know when your bladder is full. One of the most common forms is "stress incontinence", which results from leakage when stress is placed on your stomach muscles, most commonly when you cough or sneeze.

Our physicians are experts in finding the cause of your incontinence and the best treatment for you. We see both men and women and are experienced in the latest treatments for urinary incontinence, including non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Click here to watch a men’s health discussion about male urinary incontinence.

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