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We offer a wide range of nonsurgical options for improving the tone and texture of the face, including Botox fillers, injectables, and chemical peels.

UT Health San Antonio's plastic and reconstructive surgery practice provides various, non-invasive cosmetic skin and laser procedures to suit your needs. Our cosmetic skin experts specialize in Botox fillers, injectables and chemical peels.

Comprehensive skin and laser treatments

MicroLaser Peel: This peel utilizes an erbium laser to provide a precise MicroLaser peel that is equivalent to four to six micro dermabrasions. Patients will achieve great improvements in skin tone and texture after this procedure is completed. Expect anywhere from one to seven days of redness and/or peeling, depending on the depth of your peel, before your skin becomes fully revitalized and smoother than ever.

Forever Young Photo Facial: We utilize Broadband Light (BBL) to effectively address sun damage, age spots, liver spots, rosacea, flushing, facial vessels and more. Photo facial maintenance treatments may actually delay skin aging. You will see improvements after your first treatment. However, we recommend a package of five treatments spaced three to four weeks apart for optimal results.

San Antonio Peel: This procedure is created by combining a MicroLaser peel with BBL phototherapy. You will shave years off by improving both sun damage and wrinkles.

Hair removal: We utilize BBL treatments for effective hair removal. This treatment usually will require six to seven sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. These treatments need to be at regular intervals for effective results.

Acne: Broadband Light treatments have been very successful in treating acne. Treatments are performed one to two times per week. A minimum of six treatments is recommended. Some patients may require a maintenance treatment within three to six months of the initial series of treatments.

Vein treatments: Our gifted physicians and technicians from UT Health Physicians Vascular Surgery offer a complete line of services for treating all types of spider veins, varicose veins, and other related issues.

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