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Skin Cancer Treatment

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UT Health San Antonio's fellowship-trained dermatologists offer the entire spectrum of skin care services. We are the experts for effective diagnosis, treatment, and care for all types of skin cancer.

UT Health San Antonio provides patients with the full spectrum of skin cancer treatment including Mohs micrographic surgery — the most effective treatment available. Our Mohs surgeon has advanced training in skin cancer pathology, surgical removal, and reconstruction. We also provide field therapies such as Aminolevulinic or Blu-U photodynamic treatment for early or precancerous lesions.

We know our patients play a crucial role in their care. That’s why we are devoted to educating our patients and caregiver about skin cancer. We will develop an individualized care plan, offering various treatment options and discussing strategies for prevention and future care.

We are within the Mays Cancer Center, the only NCI-designated cancer center in South Texas. This allows for efficient and meaningful collaboration to occur with other cancer specialists when our patients require treatment outside of dermatology.

We are also one of the few dermatology offices in San Antonio to offer patients an onsite Mohs dermatopathology lab to interpret skin biopsies for diagnosing skin cancers and other skin conditions.

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Mohs micrographic surgery

Mohs surgeons have received specialized training in skin cancer pathology and surgical reconstruction. First, the surgeon removes tissue for processing. Then, the depth of the cancerous tissue and 100 percent of the tissue edges are examined under the microscope to ensure all the cancer roots are removed. Should any residual cancer remain, further tissue is taken until the area is completely cleared of cancer.

Prior to Surgery

You will be contacted by the Mohs surgery staff to schedule an appointment and verify necessary information.

The Day of Surgery

All procedures are performed in our surgery suite. Using only local anesthesia, a thin layer of tissue is removed. The tissue is prepared in the laboratory and then examined by the Mohs surgeon. Once the tumor is completely eliminated, the surgeon reconstructs the area. At time of discharge, wound care instructions and appropriate prescriptions are given before you are sent home.