UT Health Physicians

Semen analysis and male factor infertility care


An evaluation of the semen is the best way to screen for male factor infertility. Our comprehensive team of fertility specialists offer testing and expert evaluation to help you on your journey to parenthood. A semen analysis should be performed within the last year as changes in sperm quality may occur over time. We perform the semen analysis  within 30 minutes after collection to ensure the best results. 

If there are abnormalities on the initial semen analysis, this may require collection of a second sample to verify the initial results and/or collection of blood work to evaluate for underlying causes. The male partner may be referred to a male infertility specialist for further testing to include a directed physical exam, blood work, and targeted therapies. 

Additional testing of the male partner may include infectious disease labs, which are required prior to certain infertility treatments. Occasionally, targeted sperm studies such as DNA fragmentation tests may also be recommended.