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Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery

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UT Health San Antonio's board-certified surgeons are fellowship-trained and dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced, innovative surgical methods available.

When appropriate, our surgeons may recommend robotic or minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to treat a patient’s condition. Both methods have proven to improve patient care during and after surgery. We have been advancing the use of robotic and minimally invasive surgery since the early 1990s.

These surgical methods do not require large incisions. Instead, our surgeons use very small incisions, a small flexible camera, and special instruments to perform the surgery while viewing a monitor. This approach offers many advantages to patients over traditional open surgery, such as reduced pain, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery time and obvious cosmetic differences.

We successfully use minimally invasive surgery over traditional open surgery for a number of procedures including gallbladder removal, appendix removal, hernia surgery, anti-reflux surgery, colon resection, adrenalectomy, splenectomy, bariatric surgery and pancreatic surgery.

Robotic surgery may be recommended for gallbladder removal, tubal ligations, pelvic floor surgery and more.

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