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Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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The physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio's  fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons are nationally recognized for their expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgery.

Our team of board-certified facial plastic surgeons provide comprehensive consultation, treatment, and surgery for a wide range of cosmetic and facial reconstructive surgery concerns. Patients benefit from our surgeon’s extensive training and experience in the precise techniques needed to create individualized, natural results.

Before planning a surgery, the patient’s concerns, desired results, and options are discussed at length. As part of a multidisciplinary team, our facial surgeons consult with other ear, nose and throat specialists, imaging specialists, and medical specialists prior to tailoring a treatment plan.

Our surgeon's design treatment plans that are individualized for every patient’s unique circumstances and desired outcomes. Treatment could include a combination of exercises, medication, injections, fillers and/or minimally invasive surgery.

We evaluate and provide evaluation, treatment, and surgery for all types of facial concerns.

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