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Reciprocal IVF

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The Reproductive Health and Fertility Center at UT Health San Antonio has been helping families grow for more than 40 years. Our expert team of board-certified reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists offer comprehensive assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Reciprocal IVF is an option for procreative management in same-sex female-at-birth couples. With reciprocal IVF, one partner supplies the eggs, which are fertilized with donor sperm to create embryos. These embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the second partner, who serves as the gestational carrier for the pregnancy. Reciprocal IVF offers both partners the opportunity to participate in the pregnancy. With reciprocal IVF, you will usually have two fertility physicians involved, one physician would care for the person who is supplying the eggs and the other cares for the partner who becomes the gestational carrier. If you are in a same sex relationship and interested in this approach, please discuss the details with your reproductive endocrinologist.

Donor sperm is required for reciprocal IVF. The decision to proceed with the use of donor sperm is complex and requires a detailed conversation with your reproductive endocrinologist as well as the option of counseling with a reproductive psychologist. There are several national sperm cryopreservation banks and they require that the sperm donor undergo rigorous evaluation including infectious disease testing and genetic carrier screening. Selecting a sperm donor can be tedious but we can work with you to help streamline the process.

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