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Primary Care Sports Medicine

physician examining knee

UT Health San Antonio’s primary care practice offers access to experts in sports medicine who provide education on prevention techniques, diagnosis, non-surgical treatment for injuries related to sports and exercise, as well as ongoing care.

With significant specialized training, our board-certified family doctors and sports medicine specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating exercise and sports-related injuries. With this expertise, we offer patients modern, effective, non-surgical in-office treatments for a range of conditions, from arthritis to school physical exams. Our sports medicine specialists also coordinate with physical therapists, school athletic trainers and orthopedic specialists to provide complete, seamless care. Through this coordination, patients receive the complete offering of tests and treatments, ensuring the best recovery plan for the individual. Sports medicine physicians are ideal physicians for the non-athlete as well and are excellent resources for the individual who wishes to become active or begin an exercise program.

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