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Pediatric Vascular Surgery

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Doctor with child and her mother


Parents and pediatricians trust UT Health San Antonio's board-certified vascular surgeons to provide the most advanced level of care for diagnosing and treating vascular conditions in children and teens.

Vascular surgeons from the physician practice of UT Health San Antonio are South Texas’ experts in caring for babies, children, and teens with vascular conditions. We offer parents the peace of mind that they are entrusting their children to surgeons and medical professionals who rally their combined experience, research and expertise to develop tailored, successful plans of care for every patient.

Patients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to their care. We are in constant communication with our patient’s other physicians and medical specialists which ensure efficient and accurate relay of information and providing them the best outcome possible.

We offer prompt scheduling and access to the most modern imaging and technology available including ultrasound, laser and radiographic technology, and minimally invasive surgery.

For emergencies, short-term and long-term vascular care, rely on our multidisciplinary team's proven research, experience and dedication.

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