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Our Craniosynostosis Treatment

We are the nation’s leading center for diagnosing and treating infants with craniosynostosis.

Our unique approach minimizes surgical complications, operative time, and blood loss, producing exceptional results with less overall risk to your baby.

In our procedure, the prematurely closed suture is released, allowing the infant’s rapidly growing brain to remodel the skull and face to a normal shape. If there's no underlying abnormality, the surgery will allow your baby’s brain to grow and develop properly.

If your baby was recently diagnosed with craniosynostosis, our medical team is here for you with answers that will help you make the best treatment decisions. If your baby has not yet been formally diagnosed with craniosynostosis, but you are concerned about the shape of his or her head, please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

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The key to treating craniosynostosis is early detection and treatment. To schedule an evaluation, please contact us by phone at 210-450-9080. For more information on craniosynostosis, refer to the Center for Endoscopic Craniosynostosis Surgery.