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Nutrition and Diet Counseling

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The registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators at UT Health Diabetes are here to help you live a full life and improve your health by making healthier food choices.

The American Diabetes Association recognizes that “there is not a one-size-fits-all eating pattern for individuals with diabetes”. UT Health Diabetes offers every patient a team of dedicated experts who will help you create realistic and individualized goals for eating healthy.

Working side-by-side with your care team, our registered dietician will develop a plan tailored for your specific health goals. They will explain how different foods can affect your blood sugar levels.

How can I eat healthy when eating out or at social gatherings?
Our team will work with you to create strategies and skills for eating healthy while still enjoying time with friends and family. You will learn about portion sizes, reading food labels, choosing healthier menu items, and more.

You will also receive guidance on grocery shopping, healthy cooking, recipe modifications and other ways to live healthy.

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