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Neurocritical Care

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Neurocritical care is a subspecialty of critical care that is overseen by experts who are trained to provide the highest level of intensive care to patients with nervous system diseases or injuries.

Because patients with neurologic disorders have special needs, they require a carefully coordinated multi-system approach to care. Examples of conditions that are commonly treated in the NeuroICU include severe traumatic brain injury, stroke, seizure disorders, neuromuscular disease, and multi-system organ dysfunction. UT Health San Antonio neurosurgeons operate on South Texas’ most critically injured patients at University Health System’s Level I Trauma Center.

The Neurocritical Care Team is composed of different providers with specialized training all working together to provide comprehensive patient care. The Neurocritical Care Team includes:


Neurointensivists are physicians with a background in neurology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine orD anesthesia who complete specialized fellowship training in neurocritical care.

Collaborative Specialists

The Neurocritical Care Team works very closely with multiple specialists:

  • Neurosurgeons – physicians who care for patients needing surgical intervention of the brain, spine, and associated nerves.
  • Neurologists – physicians who care for patients requiring the medical management of complex neurologic issues.
  • Trauma Surgeons – physicians who care for patients with multi-system traumatic injuries.

Critical Care Nurses

Nurses in the NeuroICU are certified in critical care and have the specialized training needed to care for patients with neurologic conditions.

Additional Team Members

There are several other members who make up the Neurocritical Care Team, including pharmacists specializing in critical care, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, critical care technicians, social workers and case managers.

For more information

Ask our Neurocritical Care Team questions by email at ncc@uthscsa.edu. For patient transfers, call 210-358-2500. Our fax number is 210-450-4995.