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Neuro Rehabilitation and Interventional Spasticity Management

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Our practice offers the expertise needed for long-term care for persons with neurologic rehabilitation needs, including interventional spasticity management.

Neurologic conditions can impact anyone and include injuries, infections, degenerative diseases, tumors and diseases of the vascular system, such as stroke. We offer patients the most effective and individualized treatment to help improve quality of life.

Our board-certified physiatrists are experts at treating neurologic conditions at any stage. We provide integrated, multidisciplinary care aimed at recovery for the whole person. We offer patients the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment to help neurologic recovery.

Spasticity is a condition where muscles tighten or stiffen. It is caused by injury to the brain, such as a stroke, or spinal cord. Spasticity can impact a patient in many ways, including pain and impaired mobility. Our physicians provide diagnostic, rehabilitative and non-surgical treatments that focus on function, independence and quality of life.

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