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Injections and Nerve Blocks for Pain

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UT Health San Antonio's nationally recognized pain specialists are leading the way in advanced pain management and excellent patient care.

Patients rely on UT Health San Antonio's board-certified pain physicians to diagnose and manage the cause of their pain using a customized treatment plan. Our pain specialists are fellowship-trained and have extensive experience in using injections and nerve blocks as part of a patient’s pain management strategy. Pain injections and nerve blocks are always performed under the care of our physicians and are used to relieve muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain, back pain and other concerns.

There are various types of nerve blocks and pain injections. Some may be used to treat pain in different parts of the body while others can help identify and diagnose pain sources. Nerve blocks are sometimes recommended when surgery is not an option.

Injections and nerve blocks are typically an outpatient procedure and patient comfort is always a priority. Sedatives and local anesthesia are used before the procedure. When necessary, we use advanced imaging, x-ray or ultrasound, to visualize the exact location for the injection or nerve block.

The level of success for pain injections and nerve blocks is dependent on the expertise and skill of the physician. UT Health pain specialists deliver an entire spectrum of pain injections and blocks and have the experience needed to successfully manage patient's individual pain concerns.

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