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Minor Surgical Procedures

Related to: Excisions, minor surgery, skin lesion surgery, outpatient surgery

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Referring physicians and patients rely on our board-certified surgeons to skillfully and successfully perform minor operations and procedures.

Our surgeons are regularly relied upon to perform minor procedures at our outpatient surgical suite located in the Medical Arts & Research Center. Our surgical suite is a sterile, safe environment equipped to handle any minor surgery. Procedures are performed using local anesthesia and sedation is not required.  Many times physicians prefer to send their patients to our skilled team for removing cysts or growths, performing biopsies, draining, joint treatments, devices implanted under the skin, cryotherapy and more.

Our expert medical professionals are specifically trained in caring for patients undergoing these types of procedures. We consult with our patients and their other doctors prior to the procedure to ensure the most successful outcome possible.

We welcome questions and concerns from our patients. We provide thorough information about procedures including instructions to follow before and afterward.

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