Making it easier for you stay healthy is our goal.

Each Men’s Comprehensive Health Institute appointment includes the annual specialized and preventive health care services every man needs. Based on each patient's specific age and health history, our program coordinator designs a customized, one-stop experience to care for his total health needs. Not only does the program ensure our patients remain as healthy as possible, it removes the hassle of scheduling several appointments across multiple days.

During the appointment, patients are cared for by our board-certified specialists in:

  • Internal Medicine, including lab work
  • Dermatology
  • Urology
  • Optometry (if requested)

Other tests, consultations or counseling may be requested or recommended after reviewing your family history, lifestyle and test results. Click here for a complete list of specialty practices that may be included in your visit. 

Call 210-450-6400 to get started.

Please note: The Men's Comprehensive Health Institute is designed for men seeking to optimize their health and time by combining all their annual medical exams into a single appointment. To schedule an appointment with a specific specialist, please use the specialty practice directory.

If you need a primary care appointment, visit our Primary Care webpage.  

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