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Lung Transplantation Care

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UT Health San Antonio's pulmonologists are experts in preparing patients for lung transplant surgery and providing exceptional care after surgery.

UT Health San Antonio's team of board-certified, fellowship-trained pulmonary specialists perform the necessary screenings and therapies to prepare patients for lung transplant surgery. Following surgery, patients and their loved ones rely on our expert care to completely recover and prevent complications.

Comprehensive lung transplant care

Every patient benefits from our team’s collaborative approach to their care before and after surgery. We are dedicated to open and consistent communication with our patients, their physicians, surgeons and other specialists. This model of care enables our lung specialists to ensure every patient receives a treatment plan specifically tailored for addressing their health needs, managing symptoms, treating other existing respiratory illnesses and preventing complications.

Lung transplantation can dramatically improve one’s quality of life and level of activity. As part of an academic health center, we have access to more opportunities for research, education, and training. This offers more exposure to a broader range of patients and conditions — granting our specialists more experience in caring for lung transplantation patients.

Comprehensive and effective lung transplantation planning and recovery is available through the expertise and skill of our pulmonologists. We utilize the most advanced technology, modern therapies, and reliable research to help our patients continue improving their quality of life.

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