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Liver Transplantation, Adult and Pediatric

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Liver transplant surgeon with patient

Since 1992, our surgeons and physicians have established a vigorous track record of successful liver transplant surgeries. With over 1,600 liver transplants performed, children and adults receive expert care from one the largest liver programs in Texas.

A liver transplant is recommended for individuals with any condition resulting in irreversible, chronic, acute or progressive liver disease with a reduced life expectancy and no medical or surgical alternatives to transplantation. Our nationally recognized team is well equipped to provide patients and their families customized treatment plans from liver disease management to specialized surgical services from infancy to adulthood.

Each patient benefits from our strong history of research, innovation and surgical excellence along with a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians and other health care professionals working around the clock to provide high-quality care before, during and after transplant. Our program is also one of only two centers in Texas offering Live Liver Donation as an option for patients. . This allows shorter wait times and improved quality of life before a patient’s liver disease worsens.

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Submit a patient referral online. To speak to a program manager, call 210-567-5777 or toll-free 1-888-336-9633.

Hospital to hospital transfer

Health care providers looking to transport a patient to University Hospital can do so with one simple phone call:

To transfer an adult patient to University Hospital: 210-358- 2500

To transfer a pediatric patient to University Hospital: 1-855-484-7733