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Live Kidney Donor Surgery

Live kidney donor and recipient

The act of organ donation is extraordinary and our dedicated living donor team will guide potential donors every step of the way.

University Health Transplant Institute performed its first living kidney donor transplant in 1986. Since then, hundreds of selfless individuals have come forward to give a part of themselves so another could live. Due to the shortage of deceased donors, living donation has been the quickest way to transplantation for someone in need.

There are over 415,000 individuals in this country awaiting a life-saving kidney. Living donation is an option that shortens wait times and enriches the quality of life for people in kidney failure. A kidney from a living donor starts works faster and lasts longer. A donor does not have to be a “blood relative” to be a compatible match with a recipient. Many friends, distant relatives, co-workers, and even strangers have become living donors.

Our vibrant living donor kidney transplant program also has options for paired exchange and living donor chains that maximize the number of kidney transplants.

Living kidney donors must be:

  • In good health and between the ages 21 and 70
  • Able to understand the risks and possible complications of liver donation
  • Willing to do all testing required
  • In a stable life situation with family or social support

If interested in becoming a living kidney donor, please first complete a health history questionnaire.

Patient referrals

Submit a patient referral online. To speak to a program manager, call 210-567-5777 or toll-free 1-888-336-9633.

Hospital to hospital transfer

Health care providers looking to transport a patient to University Hospital can do so with one simple phone call:
To transfer an adult patient to University Hospital: 210-358-2500
To transfer a pediatric patient to University Hospital: 1-855-484-7733