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Latent Tuberculosis Care

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UT Health San Antonio's nationally recognized infectious disease specialists are the relied-upon experts for in treating and managing latent tuberculosis due to their vast experience, research and excellent patient care.

UT Health San Antonio's infectious disease practice is staffed by board certified and fellowship trained infectious disease experts. These specialists regularly help patients manage latent tuberculosis. In addition, they prevent it from developing into active TB.

Comprehensive care for latent tuberculosis

Our infectious disease specialists will ensure you’ve been correctly diagnosed with latent TB. Once diagnosed, they provide the medications and healthcare needed to help you heal. Once you have completed your treatment for latent TB, our physicians will remain available to help with any future questions or concerns.

In addition, our physicians are dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to care. They will communicate, consult and collaborate with your other medical specialists. In doing this, they are able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is specifically tailored to keep you as healthy as possible.

Successful treatment for latent TB is dependent upon early intervention and the experience, skill, and resources our experts offer. Our patients benefit from our physician’s dedication to patient care, ongoing research, and access to modern imaging and technology.

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