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Kidney Cancer Treatment

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UT Health San Antonio's physicians are the experts you can count on for diagnosing and treating cancers of the kidney, bladder and related cancers. Our physicians bring the latest in treatment and care to you and your loved ones.

We offer complete care for cancer of the kidneys, including laparoscopic nephrectomy, robotic surgery, and other minimally invasive procedures.

Our experts also specialize in complex and difficult cases such as inferior vena cava tumor thrombus resulting from renal cell carcinoma, including invasion of the tumor into the heart. Although rare, these conditions are very serious and require a very delicate surgery. We have a team of specialists for these procedures, including anesthesiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons who are all involved in these complex procedures.

Our surgeons work with the oncologists at the Mays Cancer Center as well as oncologists from other cancer centers.

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