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Hernia Surgery

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Board-certified surgeons at UT Health San Antonio use the most advanced technology and research to treat simple and complex hernias.

Our team of expert general surgeons are extensively trained and experienced in accurately diagnosing and successfully treating all types of hernias. We surgically repair simple and complex hernias including abdominal wall reconstruction for medical and cosmetic reasons. We create and utilize a treatment plan tailored to address each patient’s specific concerns.

Most patients with hernias are initially seen by their primary care physician or internist because of a visible lump or abdominal pain. The patient is then referred to our practice where we perform a comprehensive evaluation to accurately diagnose the type of hernia. We collaborate with our patient’s primary care physician and other medical specialists to develop the most successful treatment plan possible

In many cases, the surgical procedures for these hernias can be completed using minimally invasive surgical techniques on an outpatient basis. Our surgeons are fellowship-trained and experienced in using robotic and minimally invasive techniques to repair hernias. These advanced surgical techniques have proven to reduce pain, decrease blood loss, shorten hospital stays and reduce scarring.

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