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Head Shape Imaging

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Cranial Remolding Helmet Sizing

Safe, reliable and quick: In only two seconds, we collect the data needed to expertly treat an infant’s head shape abnormality.

The UT Health Cranial Remolding Program offers the most advanced technology available to precisely evaluate and correct an infant’s head shape. It eliminates the time and stress typically associated with the traditional plaster casting method.

We use the STARscanner, an FDA-approved imaging laser. It is painless, safe for baby’s eyes and only takes 2 seconds to complete.

Our specialists use incredibly detailed 3-D images created during this quick scan to design an infant’s cranial remolding orthoses, also called a band or helmet. The orthoses is molded to either create room where head growth is needed or limit head growth in specific areas.

Our team is dedicated to our patients, their family, and their physician throughout the course of treatment. We regularly scan our patients to closely evaluate improvements in the shape of the head. Effective monitoring allows adjustments to be made when necessary and helps ensure continued healthy head growth.

We are now accepting new patients by physician referral. Please call 210-450-9064 for more information.