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Epilepsy Treatment

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UT Health San Antonio's neurologists operate Texas' largest epilepsy monitoring program and the area's only accredited Level IV epilepsy center.

Patients with seizure disorders receive advanced diagnostic tests and treatments from UT Health Sa board-certified and fellowship-trained neurologists. We provide advanced care for all types of epilepsy, including care for seizures that are not well-controlled with medication. Our specialists operate The South Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, a Level IV epilepsy program accredited by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers.

Comprehensive care for epilepsy 

Our team evaluates and treats patients inside the hospital and at our outpatient practice at the Medical Arts & Research Center. These settings allow our specialists to perform the testing, imaging and monitoring needed to accurately diagnose and treat all types of seizures. We offer diagnostic services including advanced brain imaging, electrodiagnostic technology, 24-hour video monitoring, neuropsychological testing and WADA testing. Following thorough diagnostic testing and scans our experts create effective treatment plans which could include medication, surgery, therapy or a combination of approaches.

In order to develop the best care plan possible, our specialists collaborate with other neuroscience specialists as well as the patient's physicians and medical specialists. This type of comprehensive care allows our neurologists to create an effective treatment plan that is specifically tailored to control our patient’s seizures and improve their lives. Effective epilepsy care requires the expertise, compassion and resources our neurologists offer.

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