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Electromyography for Nerve and Muscle Testing

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UT Health San Antonio's board-certified pain physicians are experts at using electromyography to find the cause of nerve and muscle disorders.

Patients and their physicians rely upon our pain experts to use electromyography for diagnosing and planning effective treatments for nerve and muscle disorders.

Electromyography uses very small electrodes, either inserted into the muscle or placed on the skin, to determine why a patient is experiencing pain, numbness, weakness or tingling sensations. The small electrical impulses these electrodes produce often provide our pain specialists the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis and design a custom treatment plan.

Our patient’s total health is always our priority. In addition a thorough evaluation, our physicians consult with patient’s other medical specialists. This collaborative approach allows our physicians to create a comprehensive care plan.

The success of electromyography for nerve and muscle testing is dependent on the expertise and skill of the physician. Patients benefit from our physician’s dedication applying proven research and providing the most advanced care.

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