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Congestive Heart Failure Care

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The physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio's comprehensive team of cardiologists offer the expertise needed to care for patients with any stage of heart failure.

Heart failure is a chronic condition that occurs when the heart muscle is too weak to effectively pump blood throughout the body. Our board-certified cardiologists are experts at diagnosing and offering heart failure treatment at any stage. With this expertise, we offer patients the most effective testing and treatment to help strengthen the heart and alleviate symptoms to improve and prolong their lives.

The physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio's congestive heart failure specialists are a multidisciplinary team of interventional cardiologists, non-invasive cardiologists, and electrophysiologists. This wide range of expertise gives this team the background necessary to provide a complete offering of tests and treatments for heart failure which can include lifestyle changes, medications, and heart procedures.

One of the procedures offered to patients with chronic heart conditions is alcohol septal ablation. This is a special heart catheterization procedure in which an alcohol solution is injected directly into a small branch of the coronary (heart) arteries. This causes a localized heart attack in the overgrown heart muscle responsible for some symptoms of congestive heart failure. After this procedure, patients can experience improved functional status and relief of symptoms associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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