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Bladder Reconstruction

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Bladder reconstruction patient with doctor

The physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio's Urology has the experts you can count on for bladder reconstruction and related surgeries. Our physicians provide the latest in treatment and care to you and your loved ones.

Bladder reconstruction is a choice for patients who have their bladder removed due to bladder cancer. Also called the neobladder, the physician uses a section of the small intestine to make a new reservoir where urine produced by the kidneys drains into. This neobladder is connected to your kidneys and your urethra so that you can urinate as you did with your real bladder. This eliminates the need for bags and, in most instances, the need of any other device to assist with urination.

Our physicians are very experienced in the surgical techniques for bladder reconstruction. There are many different factors involved and you must discuss these with your physicians to determine if you are a candidate for bladder reconstruction.

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