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The physician's practice of UT Health San Antonio's dedicated team of board-certified specialists work together to help our patients achieve physical, emotional and behavioral health.

Our primary care practitioners work with an entire team of health specialists, including behavioral health experts, who are dedicated to helping our patients achieve physical and emotional health.

Our patients benefit from having behavioral health services readily available through our primary care practice. We offer behavioral and emotional health assessments and treatments to help our patients cope with common concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues and workplace issues. Because we are part of a collaborative team, we are able to provide behavioral health services to meet the specific needs of our patients with chronic medical conditions, such as insomnia, chronic pain, addiction, and other conditions.

Every patient receives an individualized care plan designed to help with their specific concerns. Treatments could include regular counseling sessions, behavioral modification techniques, medication and a number of other therapies.

When our patients have severe concerns like suicidal feelings or substance abuse, we work closely with mental health specialists to provide additional screenings and referrals.

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