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Annual Physicals

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Rest assured by keeping your yearly physical appointment with UT Health San Antonio's primary care providers. Annual exams create a record of health you and your provider can rely on when illness or urgent care needs arise.

Scheduling annual physicals with our primary care doctors give you peace of mind and provide you with a personalized history of your health.

During a physical or annual wellness exam, our providers will perform a comprehensive health evaluation. The entire exam is personalized for each patient, depending on their age, unique health concerns and health history.

An annual physical may include:

  • Abdominal exam
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood panel
  • Breast exam for women
  • Neck/thyroid exam
  • Heart evaluation
  • Hernia exam for men
  • Lung evaluation
  • Medication logging
  • Pelvic exam for women
  • Prostate exam for men
  • Skin exam
  • Urine test

Additional services are available depending on your particular health concerns.

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