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Liver Tumor Surgery, Adult and Pediatric

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Valeria Garcia

Valeria Garcia is a beautiful, young girl with unwavering optimism. She had a tumor the size of a watermelon pressing against her aorta that was deemed inoperable. Our surgical specialists successfully removed the tumor giving her happy ending she deserved.

With some of the highest rates of liver cancer in the nation, we offer our community a one-stop location for liver tumor care.  Along with our partners, University Health System and the Texas Liver Institute, we created the Texas Liver Tumor Center. The Center is committed to offering innovative and compassionate care to our patients with cancerous and noncancerous liver tumors.

The liver tumor surgical program is proud to be part of the multidisciplinary Texas Liver Tumor Center at UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Texas Liver Tumor Center includes patient care coordinator (physician assistant), transplant surgeons, medical oncologists, hepatologists, pathologists, and interventional radiologists—as well as a registered dietitian, a social worker, and ancillary and support staff members. Our highly skilled surgeons have a long history of working with adults and children with cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. With this large team of specialists, we are able to offer adult and pediatric patients the most comprehensive liver services in the region.

Patient referrals

Submit a patient referral online. To speak with a Texas Liver Tumor Center staff please call: To speak to a program manager, call 210-743-4306or toll-free 1-888-336-9633

Hospital to hospital transfer

Health care providers looking to transport a patient to University Hospital can do so with one simple phone call:

To transfer an adult patient to University Hospital: 210-358-2500.

To transfer a pediatric patient to University Hospital: 855-4-UHS-PED (1-855-484-7733).