UT Health Physicians

Hospital Affiliations

The hospitals affiliated with UT Health San Antonio's General Surgery and our physicians are committed to our missions:

  • Providing the highest quality of care to our patients
  • Advancing medical knowledge
  • Improving the delivery of care by supporting research
  • Promoting the good health of the community
  • Teaching the next generation of health professionals

We perform surgery at the following hospitals and facilities:

Information about teaching hospitals

Teaching hospitals are affiliated with a medical school or a school of nursing or other health-related professions. In the United States, physicians are typically trained in a teaching hospital. University Hospital is the primary teaching hospital affiliated with UT Health San Antonio.

What advantages does a teaching hospital provide to the patient?

Patients have 24-hour access to physician care. Physicians at all levels of training and their supervising attending physicians participate in the care of the patient. Through the affiliation with the Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine, University Hospital is able to offer a broad range of clinical services, provide medical education and sponsor basic and applied medical research. Often, the latest treatment therapies are available first at teaching hospitals.

In 2000, The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that improved outcomes at teaching hospitals result from the higher acuity levels of their patients and the need to perform complex, high level, even breakthrough medical and surgical procedures.

The article also indicated that in teaching hospitals:

  • The risk of death was 19 percent lower.
  • Patients stay nearly 10 percent less time in the hospital for major illnesses such as heart attack and stroke.
  • Elderly heart attack patients receive critical recommended therapy more often, and they are more likely to survive the heart attack - even years later.
  • Patients with stroke, coronary artery disease, and hip fracture have better survival rates.
  •  Women are more likely to have vaginal births after previously having a C-section.