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Gold’s Gym (San Antonio Medical Center)

Membership to Gold’s Gym is included in tuition and fees for all SON students. Once you are enrolled and your tuition is paid, you will be able to access the location on campus and any other corporate-owned Gold’s Gym nationwide. Visit their website or stop by the front desk for more information on activating your membership.

HSC Alert

Get text and email notifications for emergencies and campus closures at UT Heatlh San Antonio. These alerts are also automatically sent through your email account.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting

UT Health San Antonio is committed to the safety and professionalism of all individuals on campus. If you have experienced any form of sexual misconduct, you can report it through the University, the legal system (police), both, or not at all. Remember that you can file a report at any time, though filing immediately after the incident may help preserve important evidence. Anonymous reporting is available by calling 877-507-7317 or making a report online through the Compliance Hotline page. Reports can also be filed with the UT Health San Antonio Title IX coordinator, Juliette Montemayor, Title IX Coordinator ( or 210-250-8131) or through the UT Health San Antonio Police Department.

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center provides support for students' psychological wellbeing. Students can make appointments with psychiatrists and psychologists to address concerns like stress management, relationship issues, career goals, depression, and anxiety. Student Counseling Center also offers Wellness Consultations. Providers can also assist students who need medication evaluation and management. Call (210) 567-2648 or email to schedule an appointment.

Tobacco-Free UT Health SA

UT Health San Antonio became a tobacco-free campus in June 200 and is dedicated to helping faculty, staff, and students enjoy a tobacco-free environment. The initiative offers tobacco cessation resources and support.

UT Health Police

UT Health San Antonio Police Department serves the campus 24/7. If you find yourself on-campus late at night or do not feel comfortable walking alone, you can request a Safe Walk escort. Motorist assistance for dead batteries, flat ties, and getting locked out of your vehicle are also available. An app is available for Android and Apple and allows students to receive emergency alerts, chat real-time with UT Police dispatch, report suspicious activity, use the Virtual WalkHome feature, and access resources. In case of emergency, dial 911 from a campus phone or 210-567-8911 if using a cell phone. For non-emergency calls (motorist assistance, Safe Walk escort, etc.) call 72800, option 3 from a campus phone or 210-567-2800, option 3 is using a cell phone.

Virtual Food Pantry

The virtual food pantry is a list of area resources that may provide food support to students in need. Please refer to the requirements for each site.

Wellness 360

The Wellness 360 clinic located in the School of Nursing provides primary care for adult and pediatric patients, as well as behavioral health, nutritional counseling, and occupational health for employees, students, and local families. Call 210-567-2788 to make an appointment.

Green Wellness Program: Plants-2-Plate under the Wellness 360 Section


Other Online Resources

AACN Well-being & Resilience

American Nurses Foundation Well-being Initiative 

Texas Veterans Portal

The Texas Veterans Portal connects veterans and their families to benefits and services earned through military service.