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Program Overview

Doctor of Nursing Practice (Post-MSN DNP)

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Program overview

Earn a DNP in 41-48 credit hours. This program is designed for individuals with a master’s degree in nursing. Our program prepares you to become a systems-level thinker through integration of nursing science, biophysical, analytical and organizational sources and enhancing clinical judgment to deliver care focused on improved outcomes for patients, populations and health systems.

Students choose from leadership tracks in Advanced Practice Leadership, Executive Administrative Management. Part-time and full-time study options are available.

Clinical/practicum hour requirements for nurses in the DNP program are 480 hours for all tracks. More hours may be required to complete the total 1,000 hour requirement depending on review of hours completed at the Masters level.

Course Delivery

The Post-MSN DNP program is delivered in an hybrid format where students can expect to attend campus one weekend per semester and the rest is online