School of Health Professions

Clinical experience

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care

The clinical experience is a vital part of the respiratory care student's education. During this time, the student transitions from the classroom to the patient care setting. 

Students will gain experience in a variety of hospital settings including the medical/surgical floor, adult, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, high-risk delivery rooms, and special diagnostic areas. Other settings in which students will gain valuable clinical experience are in the home care setting, disease management clinics, and within physician practices. Students complete more than 1,000 hours of clinical time. Clinical sites are located across the country. We have clinical affiliations with some of the top hospital systems in the United States.

Clinical rotations in the curriculum may require that students relocate outside of San Antonio for the duration of the rotations. The expenses associated with these clinical rotations will vary according to individual arrangements for the cost of travel, temporary housing, etc. Students are encouraged to budget for major expenditures that could be associated with these assignments.  

The following facilities serve as clinical affiliates for the Department of Respiratory Care:

Sites in San Antonio

Sites outside of San Antonio