School of Health Professions

Application Evaluation FAQ - Physical Therapy

How many applicants do you accept a year?

Typically, 40 to 44 candidates are accepted once a year.

How do I make myself more competitive?

As with other universities or colleges, higher GPA’s make a more competitive candidate. The goal is for candidates to be competitive and academically prepared to successfully handle the demands of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program curriculum. However, the admissions committee does not base its decision solely on grade point averages. It evaluates the application packet holistically. Therefore, the quality and quantity of academic preparation, strong letters of recommendation, physical therapy shadowing experience, community service activities, leadership evidence, and awards are all a part of the evaluation process.

Does it matter what area I have my undergraduate degree?

The subject matter of the degree does not play a role in the admissions process. The degree should be in an area of interest to the student; however, science courses are very helpful in preparation for our Doctor of Physical Therapy coursework.

What are the average statistics of admitted students?

Although it varies per year, please see the entering 2014 Doctor of Physical Therapy class statistics below.

Entering Doctor of Physical Therapy statistics for 2014

Number of applicants in 2014 655 
Class size 40-44
 Overall GPA range 3.2 - 4.0; average 3.65
Science/math prerequisite GPA range 3.2 - 4.0; average 3.65 
Age of incoming class 25