School of Health Professions

PT Mission, Vision and Goals


The Department of Physical Therapy, in accordance with the mission of the School of Health Professions and UT Health San Antonio, serves the healthcare needs of the people of Texas and the nation, while advancing the profession of physical therapy, and promoting health and wellness through excellence in education, research, patient care, and service. 


The UT Health Science Center San Antonio Department of Physical Therapy will be recognized nationally and internationally as an exemplary leader in education patient care, scholarly activity, and service. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Goals 

The student goals state that our student will:

  1. Demonstrate the skills necessary for the entry-level practice of physical therapy.
  2. Perform service to the community and the profession.
  3. Develop critical inquiry skills related to clinical practice and research.
  4. Implement principles of ethical and professional behavior in PT practice.

Our graduate goals state that graduates of our Program will:

  1. Be an advocate for service to the community and the profession.
  2. Be a lifelong learner and engage in personal and professional development and lifelong learning activities.
  3. Perform evidence-informed PT practice based on foundational knowledge and professional clinical skills.
  4. Practice in an ethical and professional manner.

The goals for the faculty body states that faculty members will:

  1. Be role model a commitment to service activities to the community and the profession, and
  2. Be engaged in scholarly activity, the promotion of evidence-based practice in their teaching and the pursuit of professional advancement. 

The goals of the program state that our physical therapy department will: 

  1. Through its faculty & students, demonstrate a commitment to the public and professional communities through activities of health promotion, continuing education, service, and advocacy for the PT profession.
  2. Deliver an accredited, entry-level physical therapy education program that incorporates the core values of the profession.
  3. Prepare the graduate to be an autonomous Doctor of PT who practices in a safe, ethical and legal manner.
  4. Prepare the graduate to accept the responsibility for continuous professional development.