Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Eva Beckett

M.D./Ph.D. Student

Eva Beckett is a medical student in the South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD Program). She will enter into the graduate school portion of the training program in 2025.

About Me

I was adopted from southern China (2001) and grew up abroad as a missionary kid in Sri Lanka (2004), South Korea (2007-2011), and Mongolia (2014-2015). When we were not overseas, we always returned to San Antonio. My adoption, diverse upbringing, and faith led me to appreciate and love different cultures and people's uniqueness. In my childhood, I also danced ballet, played piano and violin, drew sketches, and even tried to write fantasy. I originally thought I would do some career in the fine/liberal arts or writing. However, my grandmother's Alzheimer's disease diagnosis led me to become interested in biomedical research. Thus, I became involved in research as a high schooler in Edward G. Brook's lab and Bess Frost's lab at UT Health at San Antonio. These lab experiences fostered my passion for research. While at The University of Texas at Austin for undergrad, I researched Down syndrome and Parkinson's disease in Jon Pierce's lab. In undergrad, I also had the chance to work and volunteer in nursing homes, which confirmed my desire to clinically care for patients suffering with neurodegenerative conditions. Thus, I am most excited for my medical and research journey at UT Health. When I am not doing "science," you will find me at the gym and trying new restaurants, recipes, and cafes.


Reading, listening to books/podcasts, church-life, watching movies, cooking/baking, playing piano, coffee and tea, dancing, and going to the gym

Research Topic

Neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease

Why I chose MD/PhD

My grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's disease sparked my interest to research its causes and discover potential therapies for the disease. Additionally, watching the disease destroy her and my family led me to want to clinically care for people with this disease and their families. An MD/PhD will allow me to holistically help those suffering with Alzheimer's and related diseases.

Why I chose MD/PhD at UT Health San Antonio

My grandmother's Alzheimer's disease diagnosis led me to interning in two labs at UT Health at San Antonio, one of which was Bess Frost's lab. I had an enriching experience in both labs, particularly Frost's because she researched Alzheimer's disease among other tauopathies. My overall outstanding experience at this institution and my love for San Antonio led me to choose MD/PhD at UT Health San Antonio.


B.S., Neuroscience, University of Texas at Austin, 2023