Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Adriana Baker

M.D./Ph.D. Student

Adriana is a medical student in the South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD Program). She will enter into graduate school portion of the training program in 2023. 

About Me

I am originally from Moldova, a small country most known for its wines. I spent my adolescent years studying the amazing chemistry of winemaking, but turns out I enjoy tasting my work more than I enjoyed making it. I moved to the US in my early 20's and married my husband. We have two children, but I never took a break from pursuing my professional aspirations. The road up to this point has been challenging, yet lined with amazing memories, proud accomplishments, and great family support.


I love all things plant related. I enjoy gardening, growing my own vegetables and herbs. Recently, I have acquired a substantial houseplant collection.

Research Topic

Cancer research

Why I chose MD/PhD

I enjoy working in a lab and the gratification that comes with new discoveries. However, looking through the microscope doesn't let one see the whole picture. Ideally, I see myself being able to integrate my scientific training with my medical one to generate novel treatment options or make discoveries that will advance our current understanding of disease processes.

Why I chose MD/PhD at UT Health San Antonio

STX MSTP is the program where I saw myself fit the best. It is the program that allows the room not just for professional development but welcomes personal sides as well. Here I met MD/PhD students that were marrying, having children and seem well balanced in their personal and professional lives.


B.S., Biology, University of Nevada - Las Vegas, 2019


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Rogers, L. C., Zhou, J., Baker, A., Schutt, C. R., Panda, P. K., & Van Tine, B. A. (2020). Intracellular sensor reveals minimum arginine concentration required for translation in ASS1- negative cells. Cancer & Metabolism. 2021 Jan;9(1):4.