Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Student Groups

BMEGS-SA (Biomedical Engineering Graduate Society at San Antonio)

Purpose: To represent the interests of biomedical engineering graduate students in the joint graduate program at UTSA/UT Health San Antonio; Primary goals of the BMEGS-SA are to: Promote professional and personal relationships among graduate students and faculty; Provide an outlet for voicing concerns; Contribute to the professional growth and education regarding research and industry careers and opportunities

Leadership – BMEGS-SA Executive Board

Chair – Jose (JT) Trevino
Assistant (Vice) Chair – Savannah Heath
UT Health SA Representative – Xue Wei Wang
Treasurer – Sean Tritley
Communications Chair – Maria Del Mar Prado Gutierrez
MS Student Rep – Christian Gonzalez
Social Chair – Christian Mendiondo
Affiliate Chair – Luis Trabucco
Recruitment/Alumni Relations Chair – David Zhang
Faculty Advisors – Dr. Eric Brey and Dr. Jean Jiang

GAPS (Graduate Association for Pre-health Students)

Purpose: GAPS is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing members with resources to help strengthen their applications for professional schools in the future and establish a sense of community within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences through social and volunteering services.


President – Emilie Smith
Vice President – Benjamin Morr
Treasurer – vacant
Secretary – Dan Estevez
Network Chair – Alondra Castillo
Mock Chair/Historian – vacant
Faculty Advisors – Dr. Chun-Liang Chen & Dr. P. Renee Yew


Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Purpose: Help with career development, organize social events for the graduate student body, and address key issues that have a direct effect on life as a graduate student


  • Secretary – Karen Lindquist         
  • Student Ambassador (Outreach Coordinator) – Karen Lindquist
  • Treasurer – John Im

Graduate Student International Club (GSIC)

Purpose: To best guide and assist the current and incoming international students by providing resources that allow them to successfully transition to life in the USA with the overall goal of improving and making a productive study atmosphere on campus.


  • President – Virgil Sheralyn Bideau
  • Vice President – Aida Badamchi Shabestari
  • Treasurer – Francine Nihozeko
  • Secretary – Shiyu Li
  • Faculty Advisor – Jessica Nute

IBMS Student Council

Purpose: The council meets monthly to discuss student or faculty concerns within the IBMS Graduate Program. The chair of the IBMS Student Council also attends IBMS COGS (committee on graduate studies) meetings as a student representative.


  • Chair - Mackenna Wollet
  • Reps – Sam Harrison, Kizil Yusoof, Claudia McCown, Pragya Singh Malla, Anner Harris, Kevin Kanda
  • Faculty Advisors – Dr. Tim Burton & Dr. Renee Yew

SACNAS (The Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science)

Purpose: SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of underrepresented scientists, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.



  • President – Claira Sohn
  • Vice President – Raphael Reyes
  • Secretary – Courtney Johnson
  • Treasurer – George Parra
  • Outreach Coordinator – TBD
  • Historian – TBD
  • Faculty Advisors – Dr. Kristin Cano

Science Policy Group of UT Health San Antonio (SPG)

Purpose: SPG is a student-led, non-profit, organization at UT Health San Antonio that has two major aims, to empower the scientific community at UTHSA to think outside the bench and facilitate the information exchange with policymakers, and the community in San Antonio.



  • President - Afaf Saliba
  • Vice President - Christian Cervantes
  • Secretary - Jessica Johnson
  • Liaison Manager - George Parra
  • Grants Manager - Jacob Essif
  • Public Relations Manager - Cynthia Lu Schulz

Student Government Association (SGA)

Purpose: To represent and unite all UT Health SA students; To provide for and enhance communication and interaction between the students of the five schools, the students and faculty, the students and administration, and the students and institutions of higher education throughout Texas; To further communication and relationships between UT Health SA and the community; To advise and assist the administration in reaching decision on policy that concerns the students of UT Health SA; To assist in broadening the intellectual, cultural, and recreational opportunities and capabilities of the student body; To assist the administration in the expenditure of Student Service Activity Fees and all other compulsory fees


  • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Representatives – Meilinn Tram, Christian Cervantes, Jacob Essif, Shahad Abdulsahib, Ediri Metitiri
  • Faculty Advisor – Analisa Davila
Wisdom Leadership

WISDOM (Women in Science: Development, Outreach & Mentorship)

Purpose: WISDOM is a non-profit organization for the purpose of providing professional development, mentorship opportunities, and support for women scientists at the University, as well as engaging future women scientists in the community through outreach.


  • President – TBD
  • Vice President – Maria Fernandez
  • Secretary – Nicole Eassa
  • Treasurer – Hema Manogna
  • Outreach Chair – Alyssa Schami
  • Historian – Nahin Radit
  • Faculty Advisor – Carie Boychuk


Purpose: Unabridged will serve as a space for students at UT Health SA to learn how to engage in healthy inquiries on controversial topics in science, medicine, and policies.


  • President/Co-Coordinator – Kristen Duke
  • Treasurer/Co-Coordinator – Anne Wells
  • Secretary – Aaron Singh
  • Outgoing Coordinator/Member – Linh Pham